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San Antonio Wine and Food Pairing

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 Hours

Wine and food are natural partners, each with complex flavor profiles that change the other. You know that white wine goes with fish and red wine goes with meat, but what else goes together? Learn what happens when you pair certain wines with certain foods and decide which pairings you enjoy most.

In this Wine and Food Pairing Tasting Class in San Antonio, you learn how to bridge your menu preparations to enhance the aroma and flavor characteristics of any wine. You also examine how cooking techniques affect wine pairing and discover creative ways to improve the compatibility of your menu and your wine list.

San Antonio wine and food pairing course

Besides practicing basic techniques for successful wine and food pairing, other skills learned include:

  • Distinguish the flavor elements that make up a dish and study the elements that are most important when pairing the dish with wine.
  • Describe the dynamics behind successful pairings of wine and food and the factors that lead to those successes.
  • Evaluate how various components in a wine affect food flavor.
  • Analyze how various tastes such as sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness affect wine, and appraise complementary and contrasting pairings.

As a part of this class, food and wine will be paired so that the theory can be complemented by the practical.