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Wine & Cheese Pairing with the Houston Dairymaids

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 hours

This is a fun-filled Houston wine class where we actually look at the makeup of cheese and then pair various different cheeses (fresh, soft un-aged cheese, soft-ripened cheese, smear-ripened cheese, semi-soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, hard cheese & blue cheese) with six wines (rose, light white, full-bodied white, sweet white, light red, full bodied red, and sparkling wine). The majority of this two-hour class is comparing the different cheeses with the wines!

We are proud to announce that this class is jointly held with Houston Dairymaids, a Houston cheese shop that has artisan American cheesemakers, where you learn about their craft, and brings the best of their products to you. We look for cheeses naturally made by hand and, when possible, from unpasteurized milk.

Houston Wine & Cheese Class Structure

  • Definition of cheese
  • How cheese is made: Introduction to the basics of cheese making
  • Styles: What goes into making one of the 7 different styles of cheese
  • Serving: Ripeness, temperature, and cutting
  • Tasting: Appearance, aroma, taste, texture
  • How to taste wine: Looking at the basics of wine tasting – appearance, nose, palate, and conclusion
  • Introduction to the basics of wine: Styles and production
  • Pairing cheese with wine: Pairing different wines with different cheeses