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Mature Wine World Cup

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 Hours

Everything we read states that “Wine improves with age.” But how many of us get to realize or discover this? This Mature Tasting Class will give you a chance to taste great wines at, hopefully, optimum maturity. So if you want to taste mature wines at a fraction of the cost of buying them yourself, sign up for this, and many more Mature Tasting Classes.

The theme of this class is which grape matures better. That may seem very generic…but, really, which grape variety and region do you like with maturity? We offer several Bordeaux or Napa Mature Tastings, but this is an opportunity to try Cabernet next to Nebbiolo, next to Merlot, next to Syrah and Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

We have corralled a diverse range of wines for us to taste side by side and see which one stands out above the rest!