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Italy – off the Beaten Path

About this Class

  • Duration: 2 hours

The idea of this Houston wine class is to explore the great diversity of wines outside the usual, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Pinot Grigio. This is a class to delve into some of the lesser appreciated (but no lesser quality) grapes such as Nero d’Avola, Sagrantino, Lagrien, Arneis, Gaglioppo, Negroamaro, Teroldego, and Vernaccia as examples. There are so many to pick we could run this class 10 different times and still not use the same grapes!

We then put these grapes into perspective in their regions and across Italy focusing on what makes them unique and famous in their region due to geology, climate, and terrain. Most importantly, we taste and assess these unique grapes — broadening your choice of wines to pick the next time you are in a restaurant or retail shop. Join us for this incredible wine class and tasting focusing on off the beaten path Italian wines.