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Italian Wine Scholar Prep

A Complete Introduction To The Wines Of Italy

About this Class

  • Duration: 3 Hour Classes
  • Itinerary: Three consecutive Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30 p.m

The course provides an introduction to Italy, explores its key wine regions and delivers core information on 39 of the country’s need-to-know wines.

IWS Prep is your passport to understanding Italian wine. It also acts as a stepping-stone to the internationally acclaimed Italian Wine Scholar certification program.

The coursebook and instructors alike will guide you on a wine-focused journey through Italy, learning about legendary wines, foods, landmarks and cultural attractions as you “travel.” The program has been divided into three sections, each featuring a geographical area of Italy: the wines of Northern Italy, the wines of Central Italy and the wines of Southern Italy. Within each section, a tantalizing palette of wines are showcased.

Who is the IWS Prep program for?

• Inquisitive wine enthusiasts wanting to become more familiar with the intricacies of Italian wine
• Aspiring wine professionals
• Hospitality professionals new to the world of Italian wine
• Anyone wishing to become more knowledgeable about Italy, and its wine and food culture

Why choose Italian Wine Scholar Prep?

This engaging and informative course will enable you to:
• Acquire fundamental Italian wine knowledge in just weeks
• Refine your tasting skills
• Master the essential grapes and appellations of Italy’s major wine regions
• Navigate the seemingly complicated Italian wine classification system
• Be perfectly poised to continue your studies with the prestigious Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) certification program

Are there any pre-requisites?

All you need to enter the program is an interest in learning more about the the wines of Italy!

What does the program cover?

Italy is home to over 400 DOCs and DOCGs; IWS Prep introduces you to 39 of the most well-known appellations. Thirty-two primary appellations are covered in significant detail, with seven “Detour” appellations included to round out the curriculum. Grape varieties, wine profiles and labelling terms are all explored. Each wine is presented within a regional and cultural context. Local landmarks and traditional cuisines are also highlighted.

What is included?

• Classroom instruction (a series of three to four 2.5 – 3 hour classes, or as an immersive full-day program)
• Extensive tasting (20-30 wines, depending on your Approved Program Provider)
• A beautifully designed 125-page, coursebook rich with photographs & maps – The Wines of Italy: Glass by Glass.
• Access to high-quality e-learning activities designed to enrich the coursebook and support different learning styles; these activities include interactive e-learning modules with additional cultural highlights and quizzes.
• An optional exam

How many classroom hours?

Most Program Providers deliver IWS Prep as a series of three 2.5 – 3 hour classes, or as an immersive full-day program. However, individual schools may choose to deliver the course in an alternative format.

How many wines?

Approximately 25 wines will be tasted throughout the course; however, Program Providers may choose to adjust this number, taking into consideration the format of the class and the market availability of the wines.

What about the exam?

Enrollment in this engaging and informative course includes an optional exam sit. The optional exam is comprised of 50 multiple-choice questions. Students will be offered the opportunity to sit the exam at their local wine school, passing score is 60%.

What’s next?

Upon completion of the course you will be ideally positioned to continue your learning with the esteemed Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) certification program!

The Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) certification program is an advanced course of study and academic in nature. Endorsed by the Italian Trade Commission (ITA), it is designed for those aiming to specialize and set themselves apart from their wine industry peers. The course is comprehensive in nature and requires a substantial time commitment.

Prior knowledge of Italian wine is recommended. This is a certification program. Successful completion (passing the exam) confers an internationally recognized post-nominal (e.g. John Smith, IWS).