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WSET Level 3 in Wines: Austin

About this Class


The WSET Level 3 course (formerly called the advanced certificate) is one of the most globally-recognized achievements in the wine industry. Offered by The Texas Wine School based in Houston, Texas, the Level 3 Certificate is geared towards wine professionals looking to advance their career and gain increased confidence, leadership, and decision-making. Wine enthusiasts with a serious commitment to study and a passion for wine will also enjoy this course. The class includes lecture but is also interactive and customized to individual class dynamics and interests.

Through 32-36 hours of instruction, we’ll embark on an in-depth examination of every major world wine region, including France, Italy, Spain, other regions in Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  For each region we examine the soil, climate, viticulture and winemaking factors that impact wine style, quality, and price. We’ll also cover additional types of wine, including fortified and sparkling wines, as well as spirits and

This course will develop your ability to describe wine accurately, and account for style and quality. Your experienced educator will guide you through a systematic wine tasting in every session, with more than 70 wines tasted through the course.

The Level 3 course includes a complete study pack with an exclusive textbook and study guide. Mock exams will be provided during the course to assist with your exam preparation.

WSET recommends a minimum of 84 total hours of preparation for this course, at least 51.5 of which should be spent independently studying. For more information on course content, please see the specification here.

Upon passing the exam students will receive a certificate and pin to recognize their achievement. Any students needing to retake the exam may retake the theory portion for $150 and the tasting portion for $100.

About the Certification Exam

The Wine Spirit Education Trust, or WSET, was founded in London in 1969 and is regarded as one of the worlds leading providers of wine education. WSET Level 3 is a great way for anyone who works in wine, wants a career in the wine industry or has a serious interest in the subject to deepen their knowledge.

The exam for Level 3 is in two parts: A 30 minute blind wine tasting followed by a 2 hour theory exam with multiple-choice and short answer questions. Students who successfully pass a final examination, including the written and tasting portions, are entitled to the title “WSET Level 3 Certified” and to use the WSET logo on their professional materials.