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WSET Diploma Unit Six – Independent Research Assignment

Quick Details


Cost – $300

What you’ll learn

WSET provides two topics each year, with specific submission dates for each assignment. Students will research, write and submit a 3000-word paper on the topic of their choosing. The class will  focus on how students should approach the research.

Class Format

The course will be completed in a single day.


The 3000-word paper replaces an exam for this unit.

Registration Requirements

Students must be registered for the Diploma program, and have taken the Units 1 & 2 exams before starting Unit 6.

The Diploma is only offered in English.  The Texas Wine School is not equipped to provide support for students who do not speak English fluently.

Students with special educational needs or disabilities should reach out to with requests for accommodations.

For more details and specific learning objectives for the course, review the Course Specification.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable. Cancellations of a class prior to receiving course materials and at least 48-hours prior to the first class are eligible for a full refund. If a student has received course-specific materials, but cancels more than one week before the first class, the student is eligible for a partial refund. Cancellations within one week of the first class are eligible for course credit only.

Re-Scheduling Exams

The exams and assessments for WSET Level 4 courses have fixed dates when independent research assignments are due.

When you register for a WSET course, you are booked to turn in your paper by a specific date. This date is indicated in your course schedule. Students who are unable to turn in their assignment on time must re-register for a new date (with a new topic), and will be charged a $200 fee.

In the event of a personal or family emergency, fees may be waived, subject to verification and approval from WSET.