Society of Wine Educators

Founded in 1974, the Society of Wine Educators (SWE) is a non-profit dedicated to furthering the promotion and advancement of wine education in individuals and the industry as a whole. Its certificates are highly regarded both within the industry and outside, with each successful candidate urged to use post-nominals in their professional signatures.

SWE’s main certifications are:

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS)

Certified Wine Educator (CWE)

Through its certification examinations, the Society of Wine Educators validates wine and spirits knowledge. The CSW, CSS, and CWE, are certifications and not certificate programs. Accordingly, successful candidates are entitled to add the appropriate post-nominal to their professional signature.

Content for the CSW and CSS Exams is drawn exclusively from the corresponding Study Guides. In support of these exams, the Society allows Wine Schools, like the Texas Wine School, to offer Study Sessions to students, at a cost, to enhance their studies.

Upon earning the CSW certification (a prerequisite), candidates may choose to pursue the more advanced CWE certification, which further tests and validates exceptional wine knowledge, tasting acumen and teaching ability.

About Us

The Texas Wine School is the first independent company to offer Wine Education Classes in Houston for the consumer and the wine industry.

The TWS wants all its students to become confident about their wine choices, whether they’re in a restaurant or a retail store.