Wines of France

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  • Duration: 2 hours

Why learn about the wines of France? Simply because they still continue to create so many of the world’s most intriguing, exotic, and individualistic wines. France is the birthplace of most noble grape varieties we know today: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, and others. In this French wine class in Houston, you taste and learn about these classic grapes and the regions in France where they are grown. We also breakdown a French label and other essentials in order to give you a deeper, more inherent understanding of these delicious wines, and improve your ability to pick out quality bottles at a good price.


Revered and iconic, Bordeaux wines easily slip into un-affordable territory. Come learn some tips on how to shop for good value, good quality Bordeaux wines.

Come on a journey through the chateaux and vineyards of this great region and discover the magic, that is Bordeaux! Your instructor leads you through a two-hour wine education class designed by the Bordeaux Ecole de Vin that allows you to taste the different grapes and styles of Bordeaux. In this class, we evaluate Bordeaux wines and their distinct styles and personalities, discuss the geography and climate (with particular emphasis on the region’s multiple viticultural areas and their defining characteristics), and discuss the region’s complex multiple classification systems and the laws by which the wines are governed.

This a great wine class for those interested in learning about Bordeaux from the ground up. We cover all six styles of wine coming from Bordeaux: Dry Whites; Sweet Whites; St Emilion, Pomerol, and Fronsac; Medoc and Graves; Bordeaux; and Cotes de Bordeaux.


With over 100 AOCs, Burgundy wines are difficult to master. Come learn some tips on how to shop for great Burgundy wines at a great value.

This Houston Burgundy wine seminar is conducted in accordance with the Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) presentation of the Region of Burgundy, created for the exclusive use of the accredited International Burgundy Wine Educators. The class focuses on the rich history that is at the heart of the identity of this region, the terroir that is the essence of Burgundy, and the diversity of the region from Chablis to Maconnais, and from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir. We delve into what makes Burgundy wines great and why they are still striving for excellence. We taste wines and show why they are exceptional wines for all occasions. This a great wine class for those interested in learning about Burgundy from the ground up.