Italian Wine Professional


The Italian Wine Professional™ (IWP) is a training and certification program designed to help students of wine become comfortable with the complex world of Italian wine. It has been created specifically to give those who have experience with wine but have not dealt much with Italian wine—and even those who are quite familiar with some of the more famous categories of Italian wine but want to broaden their scope to less familiar territory—the confidence needed to discuss, sell, and buy Italian wine.

This program is geared toward those who work in retail, restaurant, import, and distribution roles, but is also ideal for wine writers, educators, and avid connoisseurs who wish to increase their knowledge of Italian wine. Anyone who likes Italian wine but wants some help in understanding Italian wine labels, expanding their horizons in choosing wines on a wine list, or appreciating the differences between the myriad Italian wine styles can enjoy and benefit from the IWP course.

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About Us

The Texas Wine School is the first independent company to offer Wine Education Classes in Houston for the consumer and the wine industry.

The TWS wants all its students to become confident about their wine choices, whether they’re in a restaurant or a retail store.